The Vanillin Story
The Vanillin Story

The Vanillin Story

Serving size per bottle is 210ml

INR 160.00 (plus 12% GST)

Characters: Vanilla Pod, Almonds, Dates, Water, Salt

The Moral: For busy days, the Vanilla-flavoured Almond milk is a convenient immunity-boosting drink to feel healthy while on the move.

A useful tip: Thinking of replacing the vanilla essence in your baking? We recommend getting creative with the pure Vanillin Story while baking cookies and cakes for the perfect aroma and delicious flavor.

Storage Instructions:
  • Please keep it refrigerated at the back side of your fridge. Please don't store it on the side shelves of your refrigerator.
  • Shelf life is 3-5 days from the date of manufacture. We make fresh batches everyday.
  • If you see that your milk is separated after a few hours, please be assured that it is natural and absolutely normal as it is free of preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers and stabilisers. Please shake well before use.

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nutritional gain per 100 ml serving

Nutrient Units Per 100 ml serving
Energy kcal 80.06
Protien g 3.56
Carbohydrates g 2.37
Cholesterol mg 0
Vitamin E mg 5.33
Magnesium mg 24.97
Added Sugar g 0
Total Fat g 6.26
Saturated Fat g 0.80
Mono Unsaturated Fat g 4.91
Poly Unsaturated Fat g 0.48
Trans Fat g 0

percent daily value intake per bottle

Percent daily values are based on 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs

Energy 8.41%

Protein 14.66%

Carbohydrates 3.83%

Cholesterol 0%

Vitamin E 48.67%

Magnesium 14.31%

Added Sugar 0%

Total Fat 20.22%

Saturated Fat 16.80%

Mono Unsaturated Fat 34.37%

Poly Unsaturated Fat 10.08%

Trans Fat 0%

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The Vanillin Story

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Harprit Kaur

SAIN World's almond milk in delectable flavours is a healthy and refreshing alternative to cow milk - I was happy to see my kid finish the "cacao story" in two mins while I was still savouring the vanilla and cardamom flavours! I am happy with the quality and flavours offered! Highly recommended.

Shampy Ratra

Received my first batch. Pleasantly pleasantly surprised with the high level of packaging and promptness of delivery. Coming to the product itself: Super taste and rich texture is what will keep me coming back. Don't think anyone offers so many flavours in almond milk (atleast here in India). Really enjoyed it. Tempted to be on the monthly plan.

Tamanna Sehgal Chaudhary

It's a wonderful product.it was very much liked by kids. Milk was nice and very different from the other bottled milk available in the market. Another welcome feature was it contains no added sugar.

Rupinder Kaur Founder at Raw Rasoi

Tried four flavours. Very fresh, soft and creamy. Good to know that these nut milks will be available in market soon. Great initiative. Best of luck.

Sumeet Sawhney

The best almond milk in India. They use high quality almonds and tastes delicious.

Gaurav Jain

Having tried various Almond Milk in the market I took the opportunity to review Sain Almond milk which I found the most appropriate to my liking. The flavoring is not too much and not too less and strikes just the right balance.
I especially appreciate the fact that this is not artificially sweetened with honey or any sweetener as I prefer my products to be free from such additives and be as organic as possible.
On the net I read about Almond milk and coffee and I tried this today with Sain unflavored Original Almond Milk. With very subtly nutty taste and lower calories than skimmed milk, I really enjoyed this combination.
Prompt delivery and responsiveness to my placing the order on call are an added reason for me writing this review.
I would be surely ordering this on daily subscription basis.

Sanjana Adlakha

Great product and such a mild taste . High time we shift our kids to the benefits of Almond milk and Sain has all these wonderful flavours available

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