debunk the MILK MYTH

Almost 80% of the Indian population is lactose-intolerant. They cannot digest milk. Almond milk is a healthy lactose free substitute that keeps your digestion in check.

The human body does not need dairy. Cow's milk is an excellent food source for calves, not humans. All mammals stop drinking milk post infancy.

That might be the perfect incentive you need to help you ditch the dairy.


made withLOTS OF LOVE

Sain nut milk has been made with a lot of love.Loaded with more than 25% almonds, we have crafted and cold brewed a truly delicious range of nut milk. To suit the Indian palette and lifestyle, Sain nut milk has a creamier consistency, without compromising on the full nutrients and live enzymes of almonds.
Our nut milks are prepared carefully, containing a wealth of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. Hence, the benefits are very wide-ranging. They nourish all over your body, not just a part or two. A jar of Sain nut milk is a mixed bag of nutritious goodness.
To savour the goodness of our nut milk everyday, we focus on keeping it fresh because we believe that is real food in its truest sense. We are committed to keep your heart healthy, tummy happy, skin shiny and everyday chirpy.

Lactose Free

Almost 80% of the Indian population is lactose-intolerant. They cannot digest milk. Almond milk is a healthy lactose free substitute that keeps your digestion in check.

Cholesterol Free

Free of saturated fat and cholesterol, makes it a great drink for a healthy heart.

No Added Sugar

No added sugar and free of preservatives, chemicals, stabilizers, emulsifiers. 100% raw and pure!

High in Proteins

A serving of our nut milk contains abundant plant based proteins, which are easy on the stomach and keeps you active.

Animal Free

It is a by-product of the passion and care towards our environment and hence, no animals are harmed while making this almond milk drink.

Vit. E Rich

It is a natural sun protection and anti-ageing antioxidant that you drink. It keeps your skin and hair healthy.


the almond ORIGIN

Almond has not only been popular in Indian homes as a remedy to boost immunity and memory, but its origin traces back to world history also - from health benefits recorded in the oldest and most extensive medical system by Hippocrates and ancient Greece, to being used as a thickener in soups, stews and sauces in the upper-class kitchen across many countries in the Medieval households.


our handmade FLAVOURS are sure to
make your taste buds tickle


hear them SPEAK

Harprit Kaur

SAIN World's almond milk in delectable flavours is a healthy and refreshing alternative to cow milk - I was happy to see my kid finish the "cacao story" in two mins while I was still savouring the vanilla and cardamom flavours! I am happy with the quality and flavours offered! Highly recommended.

Shampy Ratra

Received my first batch. Pleasantly pleasantly surprised with the high level of packaging and promptness of delivery. Coming to the product itself: Super taste and rich texture is what will keep me coming back. Don't think anyone offers so many flavours in almond milk (atleast here in India). Really enjoyed it. Tempted to be on the monthly plan.

Rupinder Kaur Founder at Raw Rasoi

Tried four flavours. Very fresh, soft and creamy. Good to know that these nut milks will be available in market soon. Great initiative. Best of luck.


SAIN in media


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